I always knew that I wanted to be successful and thrive earlier in my career... I just didn't know how to do it.

Sound familiar? Now I'm on a mission to help new to Mid-Level HR & Management Professionals & their organizations ditch the long road of trial and error and get on the fast track to advancing in their careers while developing quality relationships with those they lead!  

Hey You!

 Whether it's working individually with professionals who want to elevate themselves, or with corporate organizations who have selected key mid to executive level members of their team whose leadership and professional skills they want to enhance, Impactful Imprints is ready and capable to make an impact.

We help our clients

Identify, develop, and strengthen your teams through effective leadership.
Discern employee’s true motivations, talents, self-awareness, work style, competencies, and level of mental toughness

Increase engagement, boost confidence, and improve retention
Guide their employees with honest and effective feedback in performance reviews

Improve communication and transparency with staff members, peers, and senior leaders

Build stronger, more creative problem-solving skills

Enhance your project planning, organization, and time management skills

Shape more meaningful and productive business relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Increase motivation by demonstrating their employer is invested in their career success

professional development

Individual Coaching

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Current Pass rates: for PHR, 65% ; SPHR, 58% Certification Exams are made difficult by design so that only the most adequately prepared will pass.  Beat the odds.  My proven comprehensive coaching package will give you the best chances of coming out on the winning side!

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Certification Coaching

Communication doesn't end after a coaching package is complete.  Professional Growth and Development is ongoing and with my community of past clients, there is space for each of my clients to continue to grow while adding value to each other

coaching ends,
 But relationships continue

I often hear from clients who previously had coaches who tried to make them be something that they are not. With my clients, it is less about giving the answer and more about supporting and guiding them to what resonates with them.  Your professional career should be  your decision!

my clients lead, while i guide

To ensure maximum results, every professional development plan, coaching assignment or training initiative is created with the need of my clients in mind. 

personalized service

3 Ways  MyApproach is Different...

Positive reaction and feedback with respect to their leadership skills and abilities

Greater understanding and acceptance of self leading to greater confidence and sound decision making

Clear vision and trajectory to the goals they want to pursue

Progress in building and transforming existing relationships with those they lead

Promotions and advancement within their career with well negotiated packages.

Results my clients see...


"Working with Tiersa was a delight.  Her coaching style, personality and energy motivated me to continue doing the work. I have advanced and learnt so much and look forward to implementing these strategies in other aspects of my life"

"I felt understood working with Tiersa."

"I was lucky to work with Tiersa. Her commitment to the change process and focused leadership was vital for the program’s success." — Annie M.

"Tiersa is a passionate trainer, a great communicator, and an inspirational leader

"The team response has been overwhelmingly positive."

"Impactful Imprints Training & Consulting has truly made an impact on us and with Tiersa as our MASTER TRAINER, we are going to Start, Stop and Continue our way to successful leaders and agents of change exceeding expectations.”

- Denise Braithwaite, CEO Interhealth Canada Hospital TCI

"Tiersa's gift and passion for coaching and training is undeniable. She is organized, multifaceted, dynamic and very engaging!"

"Furthermore, her participation as an expert panelist in the live Learning & Development was an added bonus as she showed up prepared and willing to engage and delivered, at the same, a high level of professionalism we noticed in your pre-recorded video.

As our first speaker from Turks and Caicos, it was a delight to have Tiersa on board. We look forward to working with her in the future

- Dale Wade, Online Community Manager of HR Carib Conference 

"Tiersa's capacity to speak to our cross-regional participants in a method that connected with each viewer was amazing."

What would it be like if you took the steps to lean in to correct shortcomings and add greatly to what you already excelled in? 

This combination would not only make you stand out, it would make you UNSTOPPABLE!  

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