Whether it's working individually with professionals who want to elevate themselves, or with corporate organizations who have selected key mid to executive level members of their team whose leadership and professional skills they want to enhance, Impactful Imprints is ready and capable to make an impact.

We help our clients

Identify, develop, and strengthen your teams through effective leadership.
Discern employee’s true motivations, talents, self-awareness, work style, competencies, and level of mental toughness

Increase engagement, boost confidence, and improve retention
Guide their employees with honest and effective feedback in performance reviews

Improve communication and transparency with staff members, peers, and senior leaders

Build stronger, more creative problem-solving skills

Enhance your project planning, organization, and time management skills

Shape more meaningful and productive business relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Increase motivation by demonstrating their employer is invested in their career success

professional development

Individual Coaching

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Current Pass rates: for PHR, 65% ; SPHR, 58% Certification Exams are made difficult by design so that only the most adequately prepared will pass.  Beat the odds.  My proven comprehensive coaching package will give you the best chances of coming out on the winning side!


Certification Coaching


Ready to level up to the next phase of your professional development but not sure where to begin?

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