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My Speaking Reviews Are in!- Virtual HR Summit!

November 16, 2023

🎉It’s Time for a Win Celebration!!!

I just got my statistics , survey and feedback data from Bamboo HR on my speaking presentation delivered at the 2023 Virtual HR Summit and I am blown away by all the feedback and Insight! It gives my heart the greatest joy to know that my passion to share is inspiring others to make changes in their workspaces.

My Speaking Topic was Culture: The New Competitive Advantage which gave HR Professionals and Executive Leaders insight into how important culture is to employees of today.

This is a new era and employees are going where the sense of belonging and value and interest is. They want to see shared common ground with the organization and want to see the accomplishment of their individual goals as possible within the company structure.

Some of the eye-opening statistics shared:

51% of the world’s population are watching for or actively seeking a new job.

69% of businesses who adapted culture-focused initiatives have said that culture gave them a competitive advantage. This means that if you aren’t already you are probably already seeing diminishing market share or increase in competition.

💃2023 Virtual HR Summit was absolutely amazing and I’m still enjoying the amazing speaking presentations from the day! If you attended remember you can always go back get the nuggets as well as the awesome downloads for a limited time!

Virtual HR Summit

Here are some key questions that I left with viewers.

🙏🏼 I take none of this for granted. A huge thank you again to Bamboo for the awesome opportunity and I will take time to reach out to my 1000 plus attendees as we continue forge supportive HR and Culture communities together!

Check out some of the actual feedback below from my Instagram Reel!

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