Project Management: The secret skill hack to maximizing leadership

November 18, 2023

Leaders are saying “no more, our plates are already heavy!” Agree?

〽 In a recent survey conducted by Gallup, stress, burnout and overwhelm continue to be a factor for Leaders. When comparing year to year especially post pandemic.” Managers’ stress remained high in 2021 while other groups saw a decrease”.

😫 With the working and consumer world constantly shifting and the new demand for healthy work cultures a part of organization branding and strategy there is much more to do in the same amount of time.

✅ In continuing our series on Top Soft Skills for Leaders, our third Soft Skill seems very timely. Project Management. While Project Management as a role itself may be considered as hard skill if you are directly in the field, I argue that elements of this skill used by managers out the field can be considered in the soft skill category.

👥 We need innovative ways to address and serve work needs without cashing from burnout. HR Professionals themselves can benefit greatly from Project management skills to be more Agile in an ever evolving world and their leaders can commit to drive all efforts of the organization with confidence.

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